Justin Timberlake Recreates Classic ‘Lion King’ Scene With Fan’s Baby

When it comes to the beloved Disney classic, The Lion King, some of our favorite celebrities love recreating that one specific scene of Rafiki hoisting baby Simba above his head while on the cliff — and we can't blame them.

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During the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship Tournament in South Lake Tahoe, California last week, Justin Timberlake reinvented the definitive scene with a lucky fan and his 6-month-old son, Logan.

In an interview with Inside Edition, Michael Hood and his wife, Aly, attended the event from Roseville, California and stationed by the eighth hole of the tournament with spectators in awe of their son, cooing in the corner.

"One of the ladies was joking [and said], 'You should get Justin to hold your baby for you,'" Hood said.

In the video posted to YouTube, Timberlake at first is evidently more interested in the game, then comes over to greet the family, holding young Logan up and congratulating the family on the birth of their son.

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Just then, Timberlake, a father of one, and Hood start chanting "The Circle of Life," an experience the Roseville father says was "freaking awesome."

Laughing, Timberlake hands the baby back with Hood singing, "I'm bringing baby back."

"I don't get starstruck a whole lot, but Justin Timberlake is this generation's Elvis, so to speak," he told Inside Edition. "We thought this would be awesome for [Logan] to look back on and say, 'Wow, I got to be held by Justin Timberlake.'"


Photo credit: Twitter / @aimeeknows