Jake Gyllenhaal, Sean Hayes, & James Corden Sing A Whole New World At The Tonys

For an impromptu performance during a commercial break at last night's Tony Awards, Jake Gylenhaal, Sean Hayes, and James Corden belted the classic Disney song 'A Whole New World' from Aladdin. The hilarious rendition was posted by Sean Hayes on his Facebook and was actually a behind-the-scenes moment caught on camera for everyone now to enjoy thanks to Hayes.

During the break in the awards show to honor the most talented people in the musical theater genre, James Corden prompted the audience for a session of 'commercial karaoke', a play on his infamous segment 'Carpool Karaoke' on his late night talk show. Gyllenhaal and Hayes happily joined in with Corden much to the audience's approval. Hayes wrote on his Facebook that "Jake and I were happy to oblige", and everyone is glad they did.

Jake Gyllenhaal started the first verse of the song while sounding surprisingly good as Hayes then took over the second half of the verse along with interpretive dancing to the famous lyrics. Then in unison, Corden, Gyllenhaal and Hayes nailed the chorus sending the audience into an uproar of laughter and applause.

The event was an overall fantastic show filled and the trio's hilarious performance only added that much more magic to the evening. Also in a classy move by some of the night's winners, the special awards show honored the recent victims of the Orlando shooting.


To watch the awesome behind the scenes video, visit Sean Hayes Facebook page as well as the Tony awards page to hear more about last night's special event.