HBO Not Releasing Game Of Thrones Descriptions For Final Two Episodes


HBO has no plans to release descriptions for the final two episodes Game of Thrones season six. When HBO put out its usual information release for the upcoming episodes, there were no descriptions of the final two in order to maintain the secrecy surrounding the season's finale.

For those interested, the final two episodes are titled "Battle of the Bastards" and "The Winds of Winter." Outside of that, all that was provided was each episode's writers and directors. Even the on-screen cable programming guides are not expected to have any descriptions.

Although there is no episode description, fans of the popular show can conclude that "Battle of the Bastards" title likely refers to the impending skirmish between fan-favorite Jon Snow and the sadistic Ramsay Bolton. "The Winds of Winter" is a more cryptic title, but HBO has confirmed that the final episode will indeed be the longest episode ever at 69 minutes in length.

Additionally, both of the season's finale episodes will be directed by veteran Game of Thrones director Miguel Sapochnik. He previously directed the episode "Hardhome", one of the more highly acclaimed GoT episodes.

This coming Sunday, "Battle of the Bastards" airs on June 19 followed by the seasons six finale "The Winds of Winter" on Sunday June 26.


If you missed last week's Episode 8, titled "No One" that aired this past Sunday. Click here to get caught up on the series.

What are your predictions for the final two episodes of Game Of Thrones?