Eric Church's George Strait-Inspired Drinking Game is Exactly What You Need Right Now

Eric Church's on stage persona is country with a shot of bad boy mixed in. Actually, make that a double. So it's no wonder that he came up with a drinking game that involves well, country music and shots of alcohol.

In the video clip above, Church provides a preview of how the game is played and it is not as easy as you may think. The "Springsteen" singer and his wife created this adult beverage game where they try to name all of the legendary George Strait's 60 number one singles. If you were wrong, you take a drink.

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Sounds harmless, however, Church had this to say about it, "You can't imagine what 60 #1's are, but what you really can't imagine are the ones that were not #1's. We would sit around every night and we would name which songs we thought were #1's and if it wasn't a #1 we had to drink. And you wouldn't believe how many nights we were just stunned at what had not been a #1 song."

Sounds like we know how our night will be going down.


Photo credit: YouTube


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