Game Of Thrones' Kit Harington Would Like To Play A Campy Batman


Jon Snow may know nothing, but the Game Of Thrones actor that plays him Kit Harington knows he'd like to play a superhero in the future. He even knows which one. "I would love to play Batman," Harington told MTV UK.

If you think Harington wants to be another dark and gritty version of The Dark Knight like Christian Bale was in Christopher Nolan's popular Batman trilogy, you would be mistaken. "I'd camp him up again," Harington said. "He's gone way too dark and serious. I'd like proper spandex. Superhero movies got all too serious — they need to get silly again."

That will be music to the ears of comic book fans who have had their fill of dark and serious comic book film adaptations. Would you like to see the "camp" put back into Batman, like the Adam West version in the 1960s television series?


Game Of Thrones Returns April 12th on HBO