Fruit Ninja Movie In The Works

Fruit Ninja
(Photo: Halfbrick Studios)

Movies based on video game franchises are starting to pop up at a frequent pace, and now the same can be said for mobile games as well, including one that you might not immediately think would work for a film.

According to THR, Vinson Films and Halfbrick Studios are teaming up to create a movie based on the hit Fruit Ninja franchise. Tripp Vinson will produce the project, and has enlisted writers J.P. Lavin and Chad Damiani to work on the script. The duo previously worked on How to Survive a Garden Gnome Attack, as well as the Black List episode Kamikaze Love. Sam White and Tara Farney will be Executive Producing the film, but no director has been mentioned.

The film is going to be a live-action family comedy, but no other plot points are known. For those unfamiliar with the game, Fruit Ninja has players swiping across their mobile phones, tablets, and TV sized touch screens (Dave and Busters) attempting to slice pieces of fruit as they get thrown in the air. Your goal is to get a high score without hitting the bombs that get thrown in at random intervals, and how they are going to turn that premise into a film is really anyone's guess.


Still, the game is immensely popular, to the tune of 1 billion downloads, a number to which I've contributed. Fruit Ninja will join Angry Birds in making the leap to the big screen, but no release date or filming target date has been released thus far.