Darrell Hammond Claims He Got "Played" By KFC Over Colonel Sanders Role

Darrell Hammond is not thrilled with Kentucky Fried Chicken for re-casting the role of Colonel Sanders in their commercials.

The Saturday Night Live host and actor claims he was led to believe that he would be taking on a long-term role as the fast food icon. Hammond stated in an interview with Sirius XM's Opie Radio that felt like he was "played" by KFC and that he "felt like a fool."

Hammond was replaced by fellow SNL actor, Norm MacDonald, who was then replaced by Jim Gaffigan. The different actors portraying the Colonel was presented as a running joke when the company aired the commercials. Hammond did not feel like he was in on the joke, but rather the butt of it.

"I'm really upset someone didn't tell me [I would be replaced]," said Hammond. "To build me up like, you're going to bring back the colonel, he's an American icon...then there's five others," he continued.

Hammond took his role very seriously going as far as contacting Colonel Sanders family to learn about him, and reading books that he claims were sent to him by KFC.

Hammond felt that he was played by the fast food chicken joint, while actor Jim Gaffigan, who was on the same Opie Radio episode as Hammond, stated, "That's really interesting because it was presented to me as this short-run thing. I think my contract was five or six months."

Gaffigan seemed clear on his short-term role with KFC, but Hammond clearly was not as he mentioned, "That was the last time I get emotionally invested in my work. When you play me like that, when all along you knew what was coming, I don't see the point."


Everything is clearly not all gravy between KFC and Hammond, and the fast food restaurant has not commented as of yet regarding the situation.

Do you think Hammond has a right to be upset with KFC?