Newscasters Break Your Funny Bone With Gut-Busting Bloopers

Whether it be local news or national, news anchors are tasked with delivering audiences some of the most tragic tales imaginable, which makes silly things like mispronunciations of the words "pianist" or "Black Hawk" so entertaining! Check out some of 2016's biggest news gaffes for some of the biggest laughs in the video below.

Shake Weights, seductive sand castles, and accidental innuendos all made the cut in this hilarious compilation of newscaster flubs from around the world. Even when the material's scripted, some things sound much better on paper than when delivered by a giggling reporter. Glad to see some of the anchors totally embracing their slips of the tongue since it looks like trying to forget you said it just makes everyone around you laugh all that much harder.

What are some of your favorite news bloopers? Make sure to share in the comments below!


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