Sir Anthony Hopkins Has Joined Twitter

The headline pretty much says it all: Acting icon Anthony Hopkins (Thor, Silence of the Lambs, you know the resume...) has officially joined Twitter. Mark Wahlberg was on hand to ease Sir Anthony into the social media space, with Hopkins already seeming a bit awkward about it, as he tried to clarify with Wahlberg whether he should avoid posting "news" or "nudes." Thankfully they got it worked out before an embarrassing mishap occurred.

Below you'll find Sir Anthony's official first tweet. Now, let's all appreciate the nice thing we have here, and not chase Mr. Hopkins off of Twitter in record time. Odin/Hannibal Lecter is probably not one you want to cross on social media.


Catch Sir Anthony Hopkins on HBO's Westworld, now airing on Sundays @ 9/8C on HBO.