Amber Heard Pens Potentially Incriminating Letter To Victims Of Domestic Violence

Due to the massive fame of her husband Johnny Depp, Amber Heard's very private battles of dealing with domestic violence have launched to the forefront of the public eye. The Justice League star recently wrote an open letter to all survivors of domestic violence and it is full of powerful messages.

The letter, which will be posted in the fashion magazine Porter, never explicitly says it's directed towards victims of domestic violence or that she herself was the victim of domestic violence, but partnered with the recent domestic violence PSA she did, it's safe to assume who the letter is directed at.

The risk Heard runs in this letter is that if Depp's lawyers draw the same conclusions, that it's a response to domestic violence, and if it can be too heavily implied that Heard is commenting on her own abuse, she could potentially be breaching her confidentiality agreement. As if the divorce itself hasn't put her through enough, it would be awful for her legal battles to continue, especially as the result of trying to support victims.

Heard closes her emotional letter with this passage:

"So, as I write this today, I can promise every woman who is suffering in silence: you are not alone. You may not see us, but we are there. Your sisters are everywhere - and we are with you."

Depp has reportedly settled the divorce for $6.8 million, a sum which Heard has pledged to donate to charity.



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