Tyler Rich Encourages Fans to Believe in Love With Debut Album, 'Two Thousand Miles'

For Tyler Rich, Two Thousand Miles isn't only the name of his debut album, it's also the exact distance between his apartment in Nashville and wife Sabina Gadecki's home in Los Angeles, a distance the couple often travels to maintain their long-distance relationship. Speaking to PopCulture.com and other media, Rich explained that his album is all about finding that great love, something he never thought would happen for him before he met Gadecki.

"My heart was as cold and frozen over as it could possibly be, and I was music-focused only," he admitted. "I really didn't believe I would find the person that would let me do that career." The couple married in September 2019 and are currently quarantining together in what is the longest period of time they have been in the same place during their entire relationship, and Rich explained that he hopes their love story can inspire others.

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"I hope when people listen to the album they realize that you can find love again and that it'll be the right person, that you can be yourself, and you should be able to be yourself, no matter what that means, around anybody," he said. "I hope that they have fun listening to it because there's songs... 'Feels Like Home' is supposed to just make people hug each other and dance and belt at the top of their lungs. I hope 'Real Love' makes them want to get engaged. I hope '11:11' tears at their heartstrings."

Two Thousand Miles is classic pop-country, with lots of guitars accenting Rich's voice and his universal lyrics. The 34-year-old, who released his first label single "The Difference" in 2018, explained that one of his biggest goals with his music is that it feels relatable to his listeners.

"I always try to dig deeper into concepts and release songs that don't just matter to me but that would matter to other people," he shared. "I just hope they know me because I have such a musical ADD brain and an interview brain, ADD brain as well... I hope they hear my influences. I hope that they understand who I listened to growing up by the time it's over."

One of those influences was Michael Jackson, and a cover of "Billie Jean" rounds out Two Thousand Miles. Rich shared that the song is one he used to perform while playing in casinos in Las Vegas and California, and he knew he wanted it to be a part of his album.


"I wanted it to be the end just because it's so different than anything on the album," he said. "To me, it's almost like the extra track, if we had extra tracks anymore... You let that last song play and it rolls into extra minutes. That would be my 'Billie Jean' on this, but it's a number 11 on this layout."

You can stream Two Thousand Miles here.