Tyler Hubbard's Wife Hayley Says Family Is Focused on 'Being Intentional' In New Family Photo

Tyler Hubbard's wife, Hayley Hubbard, is soaking up the moments that matter, which she shares in a new family photo. The Florida Georgia Line frontman has a few more weeks left on the duo's Can't Say I Ain't Country Tour, which means the family, including 1-year-old Olivia and newborn son Luca, still have to be intentional about time together – time Hayley just opened up about on social media.

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"Birthday morning selfie before daddy left town for work yesterday," Hayley, who celebrated her birthday on Sept. 18, posted. "We're currently working on being intentional about soaking up all the little moments that seem so insignificant or difficult but really are the moments that matter. #famtime."

The family won't have to spend much time apart, however. Hayley later posted a photo of her in the airport with both children, a dog, two other adults and a pile of suitcases.

"This. Is why I haven't been able to respond to calls or texts in the last couple days. We've been getting ready for our trip to join up with the tour in California," Hayley wrote, adding that the tour would take them away from home for 17 days away.

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"7 cities," she continued. "11 bags. 2 car seats. 1 dog. 1 baby. 1 toddler. 1 tired postpartum mom that wants to hold my kids 24/7. 2 extra sets of hands. What am I forgetting? #thisishowweroll #ItTakesAVillage."

Hayley previously acknowledged she and her husband proudly used plenty of help around the house, after someone on social media praised her for being a hands-on parent.

"Whether it's having a nanny, babysitter, family member or friend that helps make your parenting life easier, I believe it's one of the best things you can do for yourself, your marriage, and your child if you can," Hayley posted. "Although I do wear many hats in our household, there's no possible way for me to wear all the hats and still be on the road with Tyler and be present when we're home. I'm sharing this so that people know Tyler and I have a lot of help around our household and a nanny to help make our world go round, but mostly so we can be the best possible versions of ourselves for each other that we can.


"Not only does our nanny make it possible for us to have husband and wife time, date nights, etc, but she also teaches me SO much that I wouldn't know otherwise being a new mom," she continued. "Her being here allows me to have me time and get the things done that I need to so that when I'm with Liv, I can be present. #ittakesavillage"

Photo Credit: Getty images / Jeff Kravitz