Trisha Yearwood Announces She Is Working on Cookbook No. 4

Trisha Yearwood rose to fame as a country music star, but she's since made a name for herself in [...]

Trisha Yearwood rose to fame as a country music star, but she's since made a name for herself in the food space, hosting her Food Network show Trisha's Southern Kitchen and authoring several cookbooks. In a recent episode of her Facebook show Coffee Talk, Yearwood revealed that she is officially working on her fourth cookbook, which will be a collection of comfort food recipes for those times you just want to indulge.

"I've just started working on cookbook number four," she said. "Did I just make an announcement? I don't know if I did or not, but that'll be hopefully coming out next year. And it's been really fun. I've missed doing it." Yearwood has previously written three cookbooks: Georgia Cooking in an Oklahoma Kitchen (2008), Home Cooking With Trisha Yearwood (2010) and Trisha's Southern Kitchen (2015). "Writing the books is always kind of cathartic for me," she shared. "It started with the very first one that my mom and my sister and I wrote after our dad passed, and it was a way for us to be together, it was a way for us to really honor him, because he was a great cook. Then we wrote that second book together, and then the third book, [Yearwood's sister] Beth and I did and that became a tribute to both of our parents. So I'm really excited."

Of her fourth book, Yearwood shared that fans aren't "going to see any surprises." "I figured out that what we do is comfort food," she explained. "It's not food that you should probably eat every day, but if you're going to indulge, here's how to do it. So that's what we're going with and I'm excited, I'm having a really good time." One person who will surely be testing out the chef's new recipes is her husband, Garth Brooks, who Yearwood is currently quarantining with.

"He gets up in the morning, early, he made my coffee and he goes and starts working on the farm," Yearwood revealed of her husband's quarantine hobby. "That's been his... therapy during all this, to get out and just do stuff. You know how... I don't know if you guys are this way, but you have all these projects around your house that you're thinking, you know, 'These are gonna take three years to get done, they're back burner things.' He got all those things done in the first couple weeks. He's probably knocking down a tree with a bulldozer right now but that's what makes him happy. He just promised me he would be careful, so that's what he's doing."