Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks Would Consider Hosting a Talk Show

After the incredible success of their CBS special last year, their respective Facebook Live shows and their recent stint as guest hosts on The Ellen DeGeneres Show it's clear that Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks are naturals in front of the camera. During a recent appearance on TalkShopLive, Yearwood addressed the possibility of herself and Brooks hosting their own talk show, something the singer said she would be open to as long as it's based in Nashville.

"The one caveat for me is it would have to be in Nashville. [Ellen] was really fun, he and I had a really good time doing that together. But everything's based out of here," she said before referencing her Food Network show, Trisha's Southern Kitchen. "When we first started doing the cooking show we were living in Oklahoma, and I told Food Network I would love to do the show, but I'm living in Oklahoma. Well, they came to Oklahoma and we filmed there, but now that we're in Nashville we film the show here. To be able to film the show then go home at night is important, so I would not say that it's something we wouldn't consider but I think they'd have to come to us."

The Georgia native also pointed out that the number of musicians living in Nashville would make it easy for a potential talk show to book guests. "It would actually be easy for guests, especially artists because so many people live here," Yearwood said. "Not just country artists, a lot of artists from all forms of music live in this town. So I'm just sayin', Nashville's a cool city. Think about it guys, think about it!"

During their appearance on Ellen, Yearwood and Brooks gave the audience some relationship advice while responding to fan questions, including one about setting the mood in the bedroom. "I think for me, music is the big thing to set the mood," Brooks said. "And I don't know if you listen to country music, but one of the greatest female voices ever on the planet is this gorgeous blonde named Trisha Yearwood. That'll get you in the mood right there."


"You do need the right music, and there is this very sexy singer-songwriter guy who always gets me in the mood," Yearwood added. "Maybe you've heard of him, his name is John Legend." Brooks shared that the key to a happy marriage is to treat it like a duet. "You gotta harmonize, you gotta make your partner feel like they're a star," he said. "And if not, you're gonna turn into a solo act pretty damn quick if you know what I mean."