Trent Harmon Announces New Album, 'You Got 'Em All'

Trent Harmon was crowned the winner of Season 15 of American Idol in 2016, releasing a self-titled EP less than a year after winning the Idol crown. But the singer-songwriter decided to take his time to release his first full-length album until he knew exactly how he wanted it to sound.

Thankfully, that time is now. Harmon's freshman You Got 'Em All record will be out on May 18, released on Big Machine Records.

"It is surreal that this moment is almost here," says Harmon in a statement. "My album is two years in the making, and it was worth every minute. I'm grateful to have taken the time to write songs, which was never something I had never done before. The fact that I have been able to make this album so personal is very special to me.'"

The title track, which says, "I'm still looking for your Jeep in every parking lot / Still taste your lips with every whiskey shot / I hope you found whatever I ain't found yet / 'Cause I feel like all my better days are gone / And I think you got 'em all," was inspired by Harmon's longtime girlfriend, who abruptly broke up with Harmon to move to Thailand, after seven years together.

"This past year has been tough," Harmon concedes. "I have had a few highs and many lows. The reaction to this song has made it all worth it, and I am so excited to get out there and share it with fans."

The Mississippi native's previous two singles, "There's a Girl" and "Falling," both landed in the Top 30, and "You Got 'Em All" is rapidly climbing the charts. But Harmon says a lot of the credit for his success so far goes back to the fans he met on American Idol.

"Especially coming from the background as far as the TV aspect – I had somebody literally [see] me at Starbucks and then said, 'Hey I voted for you. We're gonna take your next song to the top.'"

While Harmon acknowledges some Idol winners would rather be known for their talent than their time on the reality TV talent show, the 27-year-old is happy to be known as an Idol contestant.

"Some folks that come from the show that bothers," Harmon says. "They say, 'Man, they still remind me that they voted for me.' I don't mind. I mean, because they've stayed with me through this last 15 months, and I didn't even have any songs on the radio."

You Got 'Em All will be released on May 18.Download the single on iTunes.


Photo Credit: Instagram/OfficialTrentHarmon