Tim McGraw Says Faith Hill Inspires Him to Work out Harder

Tim McGraw is a noted fan of fitness, often sticking to a consistent schedule of working out and eating healthy, though he has an adjustment plan for the days his wife Faith Hill is in the kitchen. "When Faith's cooking, I sort of work out harder that day when I know she's cooking something good," McGraw told his record label. "So, I'll try to earn it."

The 53-year-old explained that he had been ramping up his workouts in anticipation of his Here on Earth Tour, which was scheduled to begin in July before being postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. "I'm hardheaded so it's hard for me to sit still very long, so I have to do something most the time," McGraw said. "I was actually getting geared up and starting to really pick my workouts up because we were getting ready to go into rehearsals and getting ready for the tour coming in July. So, I had been picking my workouts up until all this happened. And then I couldn't say I slacked off, but I've taken it a little easier and taken a few days off, more than I usually do."

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The singer previously told his record label that one of the dishes his wife has been serving up during the coronavirus pandemic is fried chicken. "Faith makes great fried chicken, so we've had fried chicken quite a few times and I make the mashed potatoes," he said. "We've had fried chicken and mashed potatoes quite a few times, and she makes the best-roasted chicken that you can possibly imagine. And I make a pretty dang good country fried steak."

McGraw added that he has food cravings like everyone else, but often fulfills them with a healthy option. "I crave stuff all the time. I love a great cheeseburger," he said. "I mean, I'm a cheeseburger fanatic, but now it's more turkey burgers than a real cheeseburger every now and then."


While the "Here on Earth" singer knows his way around the kitchen, he stays out of it during major holiday meals. "For Thanksgiving, I don't cook," he told his label. "Faith does all the cooking for Thanksgiving. We have to have turkey, we have to have our stuffing and we have to have cornbread and peas, of course."