Thomas Rhett's Daughter Willa Gray Enjoys 'Best Friendship' With Russell Dickerson

When Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akins welcome their third child later this year, chances are Russell Dickerson will offer to take care of the couple's two oldest daughters, who he seems to be quite fond of. Dickerson is serving as one of the opening acts on Rhett's Very Hot Summer Tour, and has apparently struck up quite the relationship with the toddlers.

(Photo: Instagram/kaileydickerson)

Dickerson's wife, Kailey, recently captured a sweet photo of Dickerson holding Willa Gray's hand on Instagram, captioning the photo, "My heart cannot handle this tiny best friendship."

Dickerson is happy to be on the road with Rhett, who has been one of his closest friends for years.

"If you're not comfortable with somebody, you don't know how they're gonna act, or be ... it's just so chill because I know him," Dickerson told "All his people know our people, and we love and respect each other."

Dickerson also enjoys his time with both Willa Gray and Ada James, almost as much as he enjoys taking the stage.

"A party with toddlers around," Dickerson quipped. "A party that ends as soon as Thomas Rhett is done."

Dickerson is close friends with not only Rhett but Tyler Hubbard from Florida Georgia Line, and relies on their advice more than ever as Dickerson's star status continues to rise.

"It's really invaluable to have that," Dickerson said. "But then at the same time, everybody's journey is completely different. And so you try to find those similarities."

"I can ask them anything and they'll tell me," he continued. "Very specific. It's just cool the invaluable soundboard that you have."

Rhett and Akins just announced her pregnancy, with Akins admitting the pregnancy has been tough, at least so far.

"I've been showing since I was SEVEN weeks," Akins posted on social media. "So it feels like we have been hiding this secret for an ETERNITY. And I'd like to apologize to everyone I've canceled on, said no to or just been MIA, but for a second there I wasn't sure if I was pregnant or just puked for a living. But she's soooo worth it. We are SO excited! & if you need TR you can find him in the camping section at REI buying dude things.......[just kidding], he's excited too."


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Photo Credit: Instagram/russelled