Thomas Rhett Reveals 'Center Point Road' Track List

Thomas Rhett's new album, Center Point Road, will be released on May 31, and the singer has [...]

Thomas Rhett's new album, Center Point Road, will be released on May 31, and the singer has officially released the tracklist for the project, which was inspired by his upbringing in Hendersonville, Tennessee.

"For me, Center Point Road really symbolizes what it was like to grow up in Hendersonville," Rhett shared. "First dates, first football games, first heartbreak, first kisses, success and failures. I really feel like that road shaped who I am today, and it felt fitting because the record, for the most part, is pretty nostalgic."

"Songs like 'Almost,' 'That Old Truck' and especially 'Center Point Road,' really describe who I was as a kid and teenager, and who I've become as an adult," he added. "On this one, I just got back to why I wanted to make music in the first place — and that was writing great songs. This is one of those records that every time I listen back to it, it still feels new."

Rhett had previously teased multiple collaborations on the project, and the tracklist revealed that Kelsea Ballerini will join Rhett for the album's title track while Jon Pardi will guest on "Beer Can't Fix." "Don't Threaten Me With A Good Time," Rhett's team-up with Little Big Town, has already been released.

Other previously released tracks from Center Point Road include its lead single, "Look What God Gave Her," as well as "That Old Truck," which was released on Friday, March 29 and finds Rhett reminiscing on early years in his old truck.

Center Point Road is split into four sections, with each containing four songs. See the album's full track listing below.

Side A

1. "Up" (Thomas Rhett, Jesse Frasure, Ashley Gorley, Shane McAnally)

2. "Don't Threaten Me With a Good Time" feat. Little Big Town (Thomas Rhett, Karen Fairchild, Jesse Frasure, Ashley Gorley, Ray Charles McCullough II, Jeremy Reeves, Ray Romulus, Jonathan Yip)

3. "Blessed" (Thomas Rhett, Sean Douglas, Joe Spargur)

4. "Look What God Gave Her" (Thomas Rhett, Rhett Akins, Julian Bunetta, JKash, Ammar Malik, John Henry Ryan)

Side B

5. "Center Point Road" feat. Kelsea Ballerini (Thomas Rhett, Jesse Frasure, Amy Wadge, Cleve Wilson)

6. "That Old Truck" (Thomas Rhett, Julian Bunetta, Kamron Kimbro, Ryan Tedder)

7. "VHS" (Thomas Rhett, Jesse Frasure, Ashley Gorley, Amy Wadge)

8. "Notice" (Thomas Rhett, Sean Douglas, Jesse Frasure, Ashley Gorley)

Side C

9. "Sand" (Thomas Rhett, Jesse Frasure, Michael Hardy)

10. "Beer Can't Fix" feat. Jon Pardi (Thomas Rhett, Julian Bunetta, Zach Skelton, Ryan Tedder)

11. "Things You Do For Love" (Thomas Rhett, Jesse Frasure, Ashley Gorley, Luke Laird, Josh Osborne)

12. "Remember You Young" (Thomas Rhett, Jesse Frasure, Ashley Gorley)

Side D

13. "Don't Stop Drivin'" (Thomas Rhett, Zach Crowell, Ashley Gorley, Josh Miller)

14. "Barefoot" (Thomas Rhett, Rhett Akins, Matt Dragstrem, Josh Miller)

15. "Dream You Never Had" (Thomas Rhett, Rhett Akins, Jesse Frasure, Ashley Gorley)

16. "Almost" (Thomas Rhett, Jesse Frasure, Ashley Gorley, Amy Wadge)

Following the release of Center Point Road, Rhett will head out on his Very Hot Summer Tour, which kicks off in Spokane, Washington on May 17.

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