Charlie Daniels Has No Appetite for Taco Bell Illuminati Commercial

Taco Bell’s newest ad left Charlie Daniels without an appetite.

The Mexican-inspired fast food chain aired a “Belluminati” commercial during the College Football Playoff Championship game, which featured its $1 stacker and some clues that the savory snack could be reserved only for “secret society” members.

The 30-second spot featured some of the most well-known visual symbols linked to the Illuminati, a secret historical group that allegedly placed triangular cues inside American currency and included famous leaders of the country.

Country music legend Daniels wasn’t impressed by the mysterious ad and took to Twitter to express his thoughts.

“Hey Taco Bell,” Daniels tweeted, “The Illuminati is not a frivolous subject.”

In just over 12 hours, the post racked up nearly 8,000 retweets and 20,000 likes, but it also garnered a fair share of criticism for the southern singer who recorded fiddle-laden hit "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" in 1979.

Daniels didn't respond to followers' claps back at his original post, but he continued to tweet throughout the Alabama vs. Georgia match-up Monday night.

The country singer is an outspoken football fan — and Tennessee Titans season ticket holder — who blasted the NFL earlier this season for players' protests during the national anthem.

"You take a bunch of guys who make... a million dollars a year that can't find something good about this country to celebrate when they're playing the national anthem? I don't understand it," Daniels told the Big D & Bubba radio show. "People say they have a right to do it, I know they have a right to do it. They also got a right to do a lot of things they never would dream of doing."

"I love the Titans, but I love America more, and I will not stand by and see America insulted and belittled," he said.