Sugarland Discuss 'Mutual' Decision to Reunite in 2018

Sugarland are officially back together! The duo, made up of Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush, first hinted at a reunion during the 2017 CMA Awards last month, have now announced they are working on a new album, and hitting the road together in 2018.

"It was pretty mutual," Nettles tells People of Sugarland's decision to reunite. "It's something we always knew we wanted to do."

The pair went on hiatus in 2012, after their In Your Hands Tour wrapped up in 2012, and following the devastating stage collapse in Indiana in August of 2011, which killed seven people and injured more than 50. But Nettles and Bush have both stayed busy in their time apart. Nettles, who gave birth to her son, Magnus at the end of 2012, released two albums, That Girl in 2014 and Playing With Fire in 2016, along with a Christmas album, To Celebrate Christmas, and starred in Dolly Parton's TV movies, Coat of Many Colors and Christmas of Many Colors, as well as the Broadway play, Chicago. Bush also released his own Southern Gravity album, and produced Lindsay Ell's Worth the Wait EP, and her first full-length album, The Project.

"The thing is, we have each been doing so many fun and wonderful things on our own, but I also feel like from a timing perspective it's like, 'Okay, let's get back together and see what we have to offer to this project now,'" shares Nettles. "We'll continue to float in and out of those two realms between Sugarland and in our own stuff at this point."

The pair went on the Bobby Bones Show earlier this week to explain the reason for their big plans next year.


"The reality is we never closed the door," Nettles says. "We never said, 'We're breaking up forever! We said, 'Guys, we want to go do other things.' So when you don't close a door, you can walk back through it. We've always said the whole time to our fans, 'When and if and as the time is right, we will come back and do this.' So it was really that the stars were aligning, in terms of timing, in terms of what we've been doing, in terms of what we want to do, and what we want to revisit, for the fans and for ourselves."

Dates and album release details have yet to be announced. More information, as available, will be posted on Sugarland's website.