Shania Twain Often Recooks Meat for David Coppperfield in Las Vegas

Shania Twain might be headlining her own Let's Go! residency in Las Vegas, but that's not her only job, apparently. The singer revealed in a recent interview that she often cooks – or to be more accurate, recooks – meat for her good friend, magician David Copperfield, after their respective shows end.

"This is kind of crazy … I have to recook David Copperfield's meat because he doesn't like it too raw," Twain told Entertainment Tonight. "Sometimes we'll eat late after the show because he has a late show and [at] midnight/one in the morning, I'll order some food in and some meat never comes cooked enough, so I always recook it."

"It's kind of crazy, right?" she continued. "The weird thing about it is that I have to cook his meat. I'm like, 'David, just ask for it more well-done!' It's steak and I have to recook it. Chef Shania!"

Twain is happy to be back in Vegas for a new residency, after spending time from 2012 to 2014 in the city for her first residency, Still the One. Twain might be one of the biggest music stars, of any genre, but she is a total fan when she is in Sin City.

"I think about [who else has shared the dressing room] when I'm in there!" Twain admitted. "I think about the Backstreet Boys, and all of the people who have gone through here. I mean, Jennifer [Lopez]! I haven't found anything [left behind] yet. I should start looking like under the cushions."

It was while Twain was on her latest Now Tour that she began to feel the pull back to Las Vegas, especially after spending a few years away from the bustling city.

"When you're on tour going from town to town, it's such a brief experience," Twain explained to Las Vegas magazine. "During the residency in Las Vegas, I got to know the city better and just fell in love with it. And I like to be in the audience there. I'm always out eating at the restaurants and seeing other shows and going to hockey games. I guess I delved into the spirit of being a member of the community, and you know you're never bored in Las Vegas."


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Photo Credit: Getty / NBC