Shania Twain Joins Kelsea Ballerini on 'Hole in the Bottle' Remix

Kelsea Ballerini got a major assist on a remix of her current single 'Hole in the Bottle,' [...]

Kelsea Ballerini got a major assist on a remix of her current single "Hole in the Bottle," releasing a new version of the song with additional vocals from Shania Twain at midnight on Thursday. "Hole in the Bottle" is a twangy and playful track about wondering how all your wine disappeared so fast, and has been described by Ballerini as her first official drinking song.

The song's remix is identical to its original save for the addition of Twain, who sings the second verse before joining Ballerini, the two declaring, "It's our prerogative to have a little fun," a callback to Twain's hit "Man! I Feel Like a Woman!" They sing, "There's a hole in the bottle / Leaking all this wine / It's already empty / It ain't even suppertime / Honey, no, I don't miss him / In fact it slipped my mind / There's a hole in the bottle of wine."

Ballerini had been teasing a project with Twain for several days leading up to the announcement of the remix, posting multiple photos captioned with Twain's lyrics as well as a TikTok with the country music icon.

"Hole in the Bottle" is the third single from Ballerini's third album, kelsea, which was released in March.

"I got an email from 'something Twain,' and I'm like, 'Is this Shania?' And, basically she had started the conversation of 'Let's do something together,'" Ballerini recalled on Today's Country Radio with Kelleigh Bannen on Apple Music Country. "I was just honored that she even thought of me, you know? And we just kind of went back and forth on a couple other ideas, and some songs, we're just sending each other a ton of stuff. And then finally I was like, 'Wait a second, I have this single, and it's kind of catchy, and she could kill this. And what if she just added to the fire?' But I was listening to all of these harmonies, and her ad-libs… every single thing that she sent me just going, 'You know who you are, and what you contribute, and what you're great at, and what makes you an icon.'"

"She's very serious about her writing, but she really gets the balance between relatability and not getting all wrapped up in the seriousness," Twain added of Ballerini. "But… she was directing me all the way, it was really, really cute. She would send me little snippets of all the little things she wanted me to say and sing. They were like, little tiny recordings. 'Ok, so Shania, sing this, if you wanna sing this. If you like that, sing that. But do it your own way!' Anyway, it was adorable… She's actually a really good director, and she knows what she wants, and I really respected that."