Exclusive: Scotty McCreery Opens up About Engagement to Gabi Dugal

Scotty McCreery announced his engagement to longtime girlfriend Gabi Dugal in September, and the pair is set to wed sometime this year.

In an exclusive interview with PopCulture.com, McCreery discussed the life-changing moment, sharing that he had the engagement scheduled for weeks.

McCreery proposed to Dugal while they were hiking in North Carolina on Sept. 26 at one of their favorite places, a mountain range near Grandfather Mountain.

"That's our spot," the American Idol winner explained. "We found that randomly one day and every time we go back to the mountains, we hike that spot."

In addition to his stellar proposal, McCreery penned "This Is It," the next single from his upcoming album, Seasons Change, about his fiancée.

"She's incredible," McCreery said of Dugal. "She's definitely the inspiration behind every love song."

McCreery wrote the song two weeks before their engagement, sharing that he had the day all planned out.

"Luckily everything went to plan and she did say yes," he shared, joking, "if things would have gone awry I probably would have had to write another song."

The Idol winner added that while he and Dugal are both busy right now — he heading towards an album release and she working as a nurse in the pediatric cardiology department at Duke University Hospital — "it's all good busy."

After their engagement, McCreery told Sounds Like Nashville that Dugal is "the perfect girl."

"I've been planning this moment for so long that it feels surreal for it to have finally happened," McCreery said. "Gabi is the perfect girl and my true love, and I cannot wait to begin building our life together as husband and wife."

The 24-year-old added that he's thankful for his fans' support throughout his relationship.

"My fans instantly embraced Gabi once they learned we were dating and have always been loving towards her," he said. "When she graduated college last year, many of them brought me gifts for her at my shows and book signings. I will always appreciate their kindness to her."


Photo Credit: Instagram / @gabidugal