Scotty McCreery Eager to Begin Seasons Change Tour

Scotty McCreery will kick off his headlining Seasons Change Tour on November 29, and perhaps no one is more eager for the trek to begin than McCreery. The American Idol alum can't wait to perform in front of his fans,

"Nothing fires me up like a big crowd, so that's always awesome," McCreery tells "But with this tour we're doing GA [general admission] rooms, a few grand in there. It's always nice, just pack everyone in there, the energy's all in one big space; it's just ready to explode. Those are probably my favorite shows. Everybody's just right up on you. You can really just look in their eyes, and their pupils and feed off each other. It can be really fun."

McCreery spends much of his time on the road, but it's been a few years since he's been on an official tour, which makes his upcoming Seasons Change Tour that much more meaningful.

"I'm pumped," McCreery admits. "It's been a while since I've done a headlining thing, like a legit, scheduled thing, and new sets and new everything. So, it will be fun."

McCreery will be joined by Jimmie Allen and Heather Morgan as his opening acts, both artists he is a fan of, on and off stage.

"Jim's great and Heather's great, so it will be a good time," says McCreery. "I've known Jimmie for years. He's just a talented guy and a nice guy. And when you can find both of those things together, it makes for number one, a great artist; and number two, just a great guy to have on the road. So, we'll have a lot of fun, and mainly hanging out and then for a few hours at night, we'll go play some music.

"And Heather, up and coming," he adds. "Great songwriter already, everybody knows that, but her voice is just awesome. I was listening for her record when we were kind of figuring out the opening acts, and it's very Lee Ann Womack, I feel, a little bit, and Lee Ann is one of my all time favorites. So she's great, can't wait to kind of learn more about her on the road."

The North Carolina native acknowledges he appears different on stage than he is in real life, but he insists there are actual a lot of similarities between the man he is behind the microphone and the one he is away from the public eye.

"If you meet me off the stage, I'm a very laid-back guy," he explains. "I don't talk much, don't do much, play some golf, hang out, and that's my day. But on stage, the music just kind of fuels me and it's just the energy. I don't get that energy anywhere else in life, so on stage it's kind of a release, I guess."

McCreery's Seasons Change Tour will begin in Dallas, Texas. Find a list of all of his upcoming shows at


Photo Credit: Getty images/Al Pereira