Sam Hunt Says Having Kids With Wife Hannah Is 'On the Agenda Right Now'

Sam Hunt is getting ready to become a dad sometime in the near future, telling KISS Country 99.9 [...]

Sam Hunt is getting ready to become a dad sometime in the near future, telling KISS Country 99.9 (Miami)'s TC & Dina that expanding his family has become a priority for him and his wife Hannah. Talking about having kids, the "Hard to Forget" singer shared that it's something he and Hannah have "thought about a lot lately."

"[We've] really started to think about it seriously here these past few months, so that's on the agenda right now," Hunt shared. "I'm hoping we'll have some good news sooner than later." Hunt and Hannah married in 2017 and celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary in April. In 2017, Hunt told Entertainment Tonight that he was experiencing baby fever. "My brother had a baby about a year ago. I've been ... watching him grow up through pictures mostly. That has escalated my baby fever a little bit," he said. "I've always wanted to have lots of kids, so it's not something new. ... I had two brothers; three [kids] has always been a number that works with me."

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The singer added that despite his enthusiasm, he wasn't ready to become a father quite yet. "I don't know that I'm as responsible as an adult as my parents were, so I'm afraid of taking them on too quickly," he said. "I have some growing to do, so we'll see. I'm going to stretch it out. So I may age out of, even if I wanted to have six or seven, there may have to be a point where I have to call it."

Hunt and Hannah were and off for years before Hunt eventually won his future wife back and proposed in January 2017. "[I've enjoyed] sharing life in a more intimate way with somebody," Hunt said of his favorite part of married life. "I was out on the road with my guys and the band and... we're in it on and off the field, I guess you could say, but... we still went home at the end of the day and didn't really share those successes in the type of intimate way that you share with a spouse: successes, failures, the whole deal, just life. So that has made this journey a lot more enjoyable, to have somebody to go through it with."