Exclusive: Sadie Robertson Reveals If There Will Be a 'Duck Dynasty' Reunion

Sadie Robertson became a household name thanks to her appearance on her family's successful Duck Dynasty reality TV show. The show, which showed the Robertson family, creators of the successful Duck Commander business, ran for 11 seasons, before airing the series finale on March 29, 2017. While there were plenty of fans of the series, which followed the lives of Phil Robertson, his brother, Si Robertson, sons Jase, Willie and Jep, and their respective families, the 20-year-old says for now, there aren't any plans for a show resurgence.

"Right now, for sure not," Robertson tells PopCulture.com of the possibility of Duck Dynasty returning to the small screen. "We are totally on break. My little siblings are growing up, and my parents just wanted to be parents, and raise them up in a normal way, and try to get that normal capacity back. For me, I moved to Nashville. We're all around right now, doing our thing. Maybe one day, but it would have to be a while."

Duck Dynasty became an instant hit, due in part to the long beards worn by the men, and their conservative Christian values. Patriarch Phil Robertson was widely criticized in 2013 due to his statement that homosexuality was a sin. But when the A&E network, where the show aired, suspended him for the statement, and Cracker Barrel removed Duck Dynasty products from their store, the public outcry resulted in both Cracker Barrel returning the items to the shelves, and A&E reinstating him on the show.

"It was literally crazy. We never would've imagined that," Robertson says of the show's unexpected popularity. "I enjoyed it in different ways. I enjoyed it because I enjoyed being around my family that much, and just wanted it for our personal life. I did not even want to watch it when I was on. I literally hid underneath the table, I was so embarrassed."

Robertson also appeared on Dancing With the Stars during her time on Duck Dynasty, becoming a runner-up on Season 19 in 2014. But while she had plenty of time on TV during her teen years, Robertson reveals she's never watched anything she's been in on TV.

"Dancing with the Stars, I've never watched an episode," admits Robertson. "I watched the YouTube videos, but I never saw one episode. Looking back, I enjoyed it personally, as far as what was actually happening, but I couldn't let myself see it publicly. Part of that, I can be thankful for, because I think that's why I don't consider myself a famous person or anything, because I just feel it's super normal."

For those reasons, Robertson was unfazed by both her rising popularity, and the outspoken naysayers who publicly criticized her, her family members and the Duck Dynasty series.

"I think because I don't let myself go there, I don't watch myself on TV, I don't really get into comments and stuff like that," she explains. "I see it more as friend than fans, because that just makes me feel weird. I think that part of it, I can see the beauty in it, but another part, of just the fear aspect, I wish I wouldn't have let that taken the joy from it."


Robertson's book, Live Fearless: A Call to Power, Passion and Purpose is available for purchase on Amazon.

Photo Credit: Instagram/legitsadierob