Ryan Hurd Reveals How He and Wife Maren Morris Chose Son Hayes' Name

Ryan Hurd and wife Maren Morris welcomed their first child, son Hayes Andrew, on March 23, and Hurd opened up about his first month as a dad in a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, sharing how he and Morris came up with their son's name. "It was all Maren's decision," Hurd revealed.

"We stayed up late one night a couple years ago and I think we had too many drinks," he recalled. "Maren said, 'What would you name a boy if you had one?' and I was like, 'I always thought the name Hayes was cool' and she remembered it." The infant's middle name, Andrew, also has special significance to his parents. "[It's] my little brother's name that passed away a few years ago," Hurd said. "So, that was a really cool way to honor him and my family."

The "Every Other Memory" singer shared that "it's been an amazing three weeks" with his son. "My hands are always moving," he said, adding that changing diapers is his job after Morris feeds Hayes. "It doesn't faze me," Hurd announced. "You got to get it done. Gotta get it done, boy!" The Michigan native added that his son "seems like a really cool baby." "We've never done this before," he continued, "so it's been fun to figure out."

As the son of two musicians, Hayes has also been listening to plenty of music, courtesy of his parents. "We play him a lot of Beatles songs," Hurd shared. "I like to sing him as many McCartney songs I can get...We're trying to just get him a good base of great music to listen to."

Speaking to PopCulture.com in February, Hurd joked that he hopes his son doesn't go into the entertainment industry like his parents. "I hope he's a math major," he quipped. "You don't want this heartbreak."


The 33-year-old added that he and his wife couldn't wait to welcome their son. "We're really blessed to have a baby boy on the way," he said. "It finally feels like we're both like, the timing is really good. It feels like we're both personally in a really settled place and it feels like we've got the circus as under control as we can have it. And we've got a really good team around us that has gone above and beyond making sure that our personal life, that there's space to have it. We're just ready."