Ryan Hurd Reveals His Favorite Song from Maren Morris' 'GIRL' Album

Ryan Hurd wrote two songs on his wife, Maren Morris' latest GIRL album, but his favorite song is "Good Woman" — one he didn't write, but was instead written about him.

"We got married, and I was just in a hard spot. She was on tour, and I was getting on every other plane, every other day to go see her, while trying to still write and do my career, and it was just a hard time, for whatever reason," Hurd told Hollywood Life. "But she wrote this song and it was just really specific and personal and it was like her letter to me in a way. That's the song that I listen to when it gets kinda lonely, and so that one is the one that I love the most, but the whole album is iconic."

Hurd just released his own single, "To a T," which was inspired by Morris, and features his wife on vocals as well.

"We started out with just such a creative thing, and we were friends, and just creative partners, and that was it. So, now, while we're building a life together, being creative together is still the most special thing," Hurd explained. "Whenever it feels natural to do it, we do it, and that's just brilliant. It's one thing that I think both of us will always really love about our relationship."

Hurd doesn't know if or when they will collaborate on a song in the future, but he isn't about to rule it out.

"We're a working couple. We work together on our separate projects and support each other on those projects," said Hurd. "'To A T' is very clearly inspired by her, so having her being a part of it just feels natural. It doesn't feel like we forced anything. She has an open invitation to sing on my songs."

Morris has also sung the praises of her husband, who inspired much of GIRL, including a song called "Make Out With Me."

"There's this weird thing of complex that maybe some people have once you get married, you're completely someone else's, and you don't get to be sexy anymore," Morris told Taste of Country. "Or if you become a mom, which obviously I haven't done yet.


"The fact that people have this weirdness about me being sexy after that is just so stupid," she added. "I don't care that I'm married right now, I'm still a very independent person. That's why he loves me. I'm gonna say it in a song, like, 'I'm gonna make out with you.'"

Photo Credit: Getty images: Erika Goldring/WME IMG