Ryan Hurd Credits 'Baby Luck' With Having a No. 1 Song for Lady Antebellum

Lady Antebellum just achieved a No. 1 song with "What If I Never Get Over You," which Ryan Hurd wrote, along with Sam Ellis, Laura Veltz and Jon Green. The tune landed at the top of the charts shortly before Hurd and his wife, Maren Morris, are due to welcome their first child into the world –– two events that Hurd believes are definitely connected.

"We are really excited," Hurd said via ABC Audio. "They talk about 'baby luck' in this town and I think we just experienced the first little piece of that with this song going No. 1, right when this baby boy's heading our way."

Both Hurd and Morris, who just had a baby shower in their honor, are having all-time career highs, with Hurd's song, "To a T," currently in the Top 20, and his own headlining tour, while Morris is poised to achieve her third No. 1 song with "The Bones." While their lives may be busier than ever, they don't plan on slowing down much, even after their son's arrival.

"We're really proud to raise our family in Nashville, and we're really proud to be doing this job," Hurd maintained. "And it's gonna be fun to have a little kid tagging along to all this stuff for the next however many years."

Hurd has had other success as a songwriter as well, writing songs for other artists as well, including Blake Shelton and Tim McGraw, and feels immense gratitude at the way his life has turned out, at least so far.

"I've been doing this for four years now, so it feels just like my job, and I'm just really blessed to be a songwriter in Nashville," Hurd told PopCulture.com. "We're both really lucky to do this job, and neither one of us takes it for granted. So, it's nights like this that are just not only celebrating things that we're apart of but just celebrating the town, the music community, and this amazing genre of music that we get to participate in. It's the only job we've ever wanted and we both get to do it. We don't take that for granted."

Hurd and Morris are still a few weeks away from their baby's due date, but he is already anticipating the kind of father he will likely be.


"I'm gonna be the best dad," Hurd vowed. "We're thrilled. We're getting used to the idea still and learning a lot. Neither one of us knows what we're doing, but it's just been such an amazing time in our lives."

Photo Credit: Getty / Rick Diamond