Runaway June Promise 'Honest Songs' on New EP

Runaway June's long-awaited debut EP will be out on September 7. The trio, made up of Naomi Cooke, Hannah Mulholland and Jennifer Wayne, has been in progress for a couple of years, while they worked to make sure everything was just right for their fans.

"It's really, really honest songs that we've collected about over the last year or two that hopefully are showing our audience what we've been up to in the last two years," Cooke tells "We've had a lot of personal changes too, us three and individually, we're trying to give everybody a little preview to that."

The five-song project includes four originals, as well as a cover of Dwight Yoakam's "Fast as You," giving listeners a glimpse at their live shows.

"It was so easy," explains Wayne of the decision to include the song. "We'd been covering it for a couple of years so we feel like it's ours now even though we know it's not. It's Dwight's. But it's just really the last couple of years that we've figured out what we like playing live and what the audience responds to and what they like. I think it's a blessing that it's taken this long because we wouldn't have had this group of music if we hadn't waited."

"That song is a little glimpse into our live show," adds Cooke. "That's our favorite part in the set. We just get really excited to play it every single night, our band loves playing it, so that one was an easy choice. We were like, 'We should put something in there that gives the fans a little glimpse into our live show if they haven't seen it.'"

All three women met as songwriters, and have spent much of the last few years writing songs. So it seems logical that there would naturally be some disagreements about which of the dozens of tunes they've written would make it on their freshman EP, but Runaway June insists that they rarely, if ever, disagree when it comes to song choices.

"It's unbelievable to us too, really," Wayne concedes. "Because when we always start we do think about, my gosh, are we going to all agree? And then for some reason, every time we've chosen a single, every time we've chosen songs it just really presents itself at the last minute and we all usually agree on all the songs.

"We do have the same vision for what we want as a band and what we see our future to be, what we want moving forward and what we like sonically," Cooke continues. "We just have the same vision. We have from day one, which has made this work so fast I think. That's why it's easy for song choices I think. Not easy but that's what makes it happen."

Fans will get plenty of chances to see Runaway June's live show next year, when they serve as the opening act on Carrie Underwood's Cry Pretty Tour 360. Find dates at

Runaway June's current single, "Buy My Own Drinks," is available for download on iTunes.


Photo Credit: Getty images/Tommaso Boddi