Meg and Tyler Team With Chingy to Bring 'Worlds Together' for Genre-Blending 'The Woah Down' (Exclusive)

Country duo Meg and Tyler teamed up with an unexpected partner for their latest collaboration, releasing "The Woah Down" with Chingy on Friday, April 24. The song is a summer-ready set of instructions on getting a party started, blending country, hip-hop and pop, and it even has a dance challenge to go along with it. "One of Chingy's cousins is a choreographer and he kind of created a dance to go with it," Meg and Tyler's Meghan Linsey told "It's just super fun, and we're hoping we can get everybody to do The Whoa Down Challenge."

Linsey shared that she and bandmate Tyler Cain initially connected with Chingy after they met his cousin, a corporate event planner, who said he would bring the rapper to the studio. When Chingy did join Linsey and Cain for a writing session, the trio "immediately clicked," Linsey said. "I felt like we had known each other forever. And we started writing immediately. As soon as he sat down, he actually had a beat idea. He started putting that down. And then Tyler kind of started playing like a riff over Chingy's beat. And then I had 'The Whoa Down' idea written down... It was actually a lyric from another song I had written and I was like, 'We should write 'The Whoa Down,'' because it just felt like the right vibe with Chingy."

"We probably wrote the song in like an hour and recorded it," she recalled. "It was so quick. Everything was just fun and easy, and I think that's the best. I feel like the best music comes out of that, just showing up and having fun. So that's kind of what it was."

The song's title is a play on the word hoedown, and Linsey explained that she thinks the phrase works because the song is "bringing our worlds together."


"This might be my favorite song that I've ever released, just because it's so much fun," she said. "I don't think I've ever released something this fun before. I usually get all of my feelings and write ballads or something. But it's fun to release something that's just... it's not over-thought at all. And I think there's something to that."

Linsey shared that the group decided to go ahead with the song's planned release date to hopefully offer a cheerful escape for listeners amid the coronavirus pandemic. "It's a fun song. I think it's going to be a fun thing to kind of lift people up during this crazy time that we're in," she said. "I think our goal ultimately is to just bring people together and bring joy and just do something positive in the world. I think it's perfect that it's coming out when it's coming out."