Mason Ramsey Aims For Superstar Status

Mason Ramsey shot to fame by singing the Hank Williams classic, 'Lovesick Blues' in a Walmart in [...]

Mason Ramsey shot to fame by singing the Hank Williams classic, "Lovesick Blues" in a Walmart in rural Harrisburg, Ill. Since then, the 11-year-old has earned a record deal, released an EP, and earned opening spots with both Chris Lane and Florida Georgia Line, joining the duo for their Las Vegas residency.

According to Ramsey, he's just getting started.

"I'm a person that believes in miracles, faith and wisdom," Ramsey told Billboard. "I believe that someday I could be a big superstar."

Not that Ramsey is forgetting to be a child. The "Famous" singer insists he has his priorities in order, and isn't ready to fully enter the adult work world, at least not yet.

"You've gotta have time to be a kid, you've gotta have some time to play around and be goofy," Ramsey maintained. "The only thing this is all about is to have fun, and I always have fun."

One unfortunate side effect of Ramsey's success is that he can no longer belt out classic hits in Walmart, or any other public place that isn't a scheduled performance.

"I'm not allowed to sing any place public anymore, because if I do that, you know how people are," Ramsey said. "Since I am like I am right now, if I sing, I could get kidnapped. Something bad could happen. You never know."

Ramsey has had plenty of unforgettable moments, from appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, to singing at Coachella, but the child star says his favorite memory is the first time he performed on country music's most famous stage.

"The Grand Ole Opry was my favorite," recalled Ramsey. "That's when I got to discover the stuff inside the Grand Ole Opry, like Hank Williams' clothes, the dressing room Taylor Swift stayed in and some other things. Then I got to perform. Ricky Skaggs introduced me, and I started to get the idea of what [performing] felt like to other people. That's when I got my first standing ovation."

"You should've seen the look on my face!" he added. "Grandpa said that if there's one thing he wants me to do, it's to keep going to the Grand Ole Opry. Now that I can go, I think I'm making him proud."

Ramsey is going to continue to aim for bigger and bigger goals, but not so he can buy expensive toys or travel to exotic places. Instead, the pre-teen wants to use his resources to help others.

"I want to donate," Ramsey said. "I want to show people that I still love them even though I'm [now] the Walmart yodeling boy. I feel like I should help others -- help their communities, help their citizens. It takes one person to [start to] change everything."

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Photo Credit: Getty images/Jason Kempin