Maren Morris Recalls 'American Idol' 'Cattle Call' Audition From 2007

Maren Morris recently shared a memory from her American Idol "cattle call" audition from way back in 2007. In an Instagram post, the country star shared a picture of her ticket to the big audition at Texas Stadium in Irving, Texas. "My mom found my American Idol audition ticket from 2007. I didn't make it past the first round cattle call," she wrote. "I wasn't really into sports growing up but this feels like the equivalent of your mom saving your 10th place trophy."

Morris grew up in Arlington, Texas, which is a roughly 30-minute drive from Irving. She had big music dreams from a young age and was clearly motivated to make them come true. Notably, she also auditioned for America's Got Talent, The Voice, and Nashville Star. None of these took her either, but years later contestants would be singing her songs in their auditions for nearly all of these reality competition shows. Morris released three independent albums between 2005 and 2011 but had her big breakthrough with Hero, her 2016 album which was nominated for Best Country Album at the 59th Grammy Awards. She's been nominated a total of 14 times, winning once for Best Country Solo Performance for the song "My Church."

Since Hero, Morris has released two more albums: Girl in 2019 and Humble Quest in March 2022. Speaking to NPR about her most recent album, Morris explained the meaning of its title and what her purpose is for giving it that specific moniker. "I feel like the making of this album, not that I would classify it as a pandemic record, but it was certainly created during one," she shared. "I feel like I went through a ton of changes and deterioration and growth, and I had my son at the beginning of COVID. And so right after that, like, all touring got blown out for two years. 


She continued, "It was sort of like me discovering this new part of myself as a mom – and at the same time losing a little bit of my identity as an artist, because I wasn't able to work," Morris then shared, "And I also lost my friend and producer [Michael James Ryan] Busbee to cancer, who I did my two previous records with. There were a lot of things that changed for me before I was able to sit down and write this one." Humble Quest is now available to stream through most online music services, such as Spotify and Apple.