Maren Morris Makes a Wild Claim About Cardi B Ahead of the Grammy Awards

Maren Morris is ready to do some work with Cardi B. The 30-year-old country music star spoke to E! [...]

Maren Morris is ready to do some work with Cardi B. The 30-year-old country music star spoke to E! News ahead of the Grammy Awards and said that Cardi B has a future in country if she ever decides to go that route. Morris talked to E!'s Rosci Diaz about doing a crossover with her.

"I think it would be epic," she said. "I love how real she is. She is so unfiltered and she'd probably do well in country music, because we're pretty unfiltered, too. I think we're about telling the truth and no B.S. That's her!" Morris, who will perform her Grammy-nominated song "The Bones" on Sunday night, said she has never officially met Cardi B but revealed they came close to crossing paths a couple of years ago.

"The Highwomen actually performed at Ellen like two years ago and Cardi was one of the guests," Morris stated while appearing on the red carpet. "I was so close to knocking on her dressing room, but I'm glad I didn't. I played it cool. But maybe someday we'll rub elbows." While Morris waits to meet and collaborate with Cardi B, she will continue to make an impact in the country music world. Since 2017, Morris has been nominated for 12 Grammys. In 2017, Morris won her first and only Grammy, which was Best Country Solo Performance for "My Church."

Along with talking about music, Morris also opened up about being a mother. In March 2020, Morris gave birth to her son, Hayes Andrew Hurd and spoke to E! News about raising her son during the COVID-19 pandemic. Morris said "Hayes is actually here with me in L.A., so it's my first Grammys with a child. It just feels really special to have him here. He's such a perfect little boy and I don't think he cares at all what I do for a living."

Morris also said she got to witness "every milestone he's had, crawling, almost walking. "It's just been amazing because we've been at home and not on a tour bus and I've gotten to witness all that." Along with being a Grammy winner, Morris has won three Academy of Country Music Awards, three Billboard Music Awards and an American Music Award in 2020.