Maren Morris Drops Major Hint About All-Female Highwomen Group on Social Media

Maren Morris has a soaring music career, but she is also part of the newly-formed Highwomen, which also includes Brandi Carlile, Amanda Shires and Natalie Hemby. Morris just dropped a big hint about the supergroup, posting a photo of the foursome on social media.

"Excited for this to pop off soon," Morris wrote, using both the music notes and flame emojis. "@TheHighWomen"

Carlile also recently spoke out about the group, which just wrapped up recording their freshman album, revealing the Highwomen was born, at least in part, by the lack of female artists on country radio right now.

"Almost all of us are mothers of young girls, and we all grew up listening to country music," Carlile shared with and other media. "We all had Deana Carter, and Trisha Yearwood, and Tanya Tucker, and Pam Tillis, and Kathy Mattea. And we had the greats, we had Loretta Lynn, and Patsy Cline, Brenda Lee, Kitty Wells, too.

"But we recognized that we're in a time right now where our daughters don't have the same country music heroes that we had," she continued. "They have a few of them, and they're great. But, two women out of the Top 20 is not enough. Zero women on the Top 20 is not enough for country radio. We wanted to get together with compassion, and love, and tackle the problem of country music not being an amplifier for women, and we intend to do that."

The four artists in Highwomen are the center of the group, but Carlile insists that the goal is to encourage all female artists, and help give them a platform as well.

"It just wound up being the four of us kind of solidified and became The Highwomen at the end of the day, but our goal is to elevate all women," explained Carlile. "I'm completely a fan of the concept of competing with one another so that we can let as many women through the door as possible, and give our girls those country music heroes that we all had."

Carlile is especially grateful for the group, which helps solidify her place in country music as an LGBTQ artist.


"I'm telling that story whether, I'm playing rock and roll, or country, or whether I'm working with Tanya [Tucker] or The Highwomen or the Secret Sisters," Carlile said. "I feel really embraced by that community right now, and for that, I am unspeakably grateful, especially as an LGBTQ artist."

Photo Credit: Getty images / Erika Goldring