Watch Maren Morris' 2015 Debut Performance of 'My Church'

Long before Maren Morris was a global superstar, she was an aspiring singer-songwriter, just trying to get her music heard, like thousands of other hopefuls in Nashville. Recently, Morris came across her debut performance of "My Church," the song that became her first single, and kicked off a string of successes, some of which Morris could have never imagined.

"Damn. someone unearthed this from 2015 when I played My Church for the first time live," Morris wrote. "I had just written it and had a show at the Bluebird with @ryanhurd and our friends. before it went to Spotify, before i signed a record deal. Hell, this was when Ryan and i weren't even dating yet. If I could tell this girl back then what would happen to her because of this song, she would have probably told me to f*** off.

"Life is much different now since that day," she added, "but I wouldn't change a move or a misstep cause I'm so damn happy right now."

Morris doesn't say when the video was shot, but it clearly shows how smitten Hurd was for Morris, whose friendship began in the writing room. The couple, who penned Tim McGraw's "Last Turn Home," began dating by the end of 2015, tying the knot in 2018 – and both supporting each other's individual dreams.

"I don't want to dim my light for someone else," Morris told Taste of Country. "I think that's why I love Ryan so much. Even in my darkest tunnels that I've been through in my life — he has seen nothing but beauty. And he never has tried to water me down. I think sometimes I can be pretty obnoxious, but he loves it. He never makes me feel stupid, or like I'm being over the top, or embarrassing him. He's just completely accepting."


Photo Credit: Steve Granitz / WireImage