Luke Combs Is Unsure What He Will Do With 6 Weeks off at Christmas

Now that the holidays are here, and Luke Combs' 2019 Beer Never Broke My Heart Tour is over, he will finally have some time to sit back and reflect on his whirlwind year. The 29-year-old will have more than a month to do whatever he wants –– except he has no idea what that actually might be.

"We had a month off in August of this year, but then that ended up becoming full of so many other things that I hadn't had time to do," Combs told Billboard. "Whether that was catching up with family or just catching up on loose ends on the business side of things. I'm sure there's a mountain of stuff I could do every day if I went into the office, but we've been so busy on the road that you don't have time to get to those things.

"I spent most of that month really doing stuff to catch up on every other facet of my life," he continued, adding that his holiday break lasted six weeks. " I'm interested to see how that goes. I'm not sure if I'm going to go crazy from boredom or if I'm going to wish it was 10 weeks or four months, so I guess we'll see and then we'll find out. I'm having a great time so I can't imagine not wanting to be doing it at all."

Aside from breaking streaming records and having all seven of his singles so far become No. 1 hits, perhaps Combs' biggest accolade was when Garth Brooks praised him from stage at the CMA Awards, while Brooks was accepting his Entertainer of the Year trophy. Coincidentally, Combs wasn't even able to hear Brooks' accolades because he was backstage after accepting his own CMA Award, for Male Vocalist of the Year.

"That was crazy," Combs reflected. "Someone actually told me about it, because I had just won Male Vocalist, so I was [backstage]. That's pretty awesome. That's Garth. He's the best-selling artist in history. That's pretty hard to believe, that somebody can do that and be a country singer. That's pretty wild."

Combs also won a CMA Award for Song of the Year, for "Beautiful Crazy," which, of all that has happened, is the most personal accomplishment for him, because of the inspiration for the song.

"I wrote that about my fiancée," said Combs. "Winning Song of the Year at the CMAs was a huge, huge thing. I still can't believe that happened, and that was here [at Bridgestone Arena], so that's just a really special song for us. We're getting married next year and it's just a cool story for us to have forever. And so that one is really special to me for sure."


Combs will kick off his What You See Is What You Get Tour in February. Find dates on his website.

Photo Credit: Getty / Tim Mosenfelder