Luke Bryan Thanks His Mom for 'Crashing' His 'One Margarita' Video in CMT Music Awards Acceptance Speech

Luke Bryan won Male Video of the Year during the CMT Music Awards on Wednesday night for his [...]

Luke Bryan won Male Video of the Year during the CMT Music Awards on Wednesday night for his summer smash, "One Margarita," but the singer knows his video wouldn't have been the same without one important addition. The video was filmed at Bryan's annual Crash My Playa festival in Mexico in January and featured several members of his family including his mom, LeClaire.

"Thank you so much, CMT, all the fans out there that voted for the video," he said during his acceptance speech. "All of the people down at Crash My Playa. My mother, I want to thank my mother for crashing my video and being the star. I certainly want to thank my wife in there and all my buddies. I want to thank my wife for having fun with us. I want to thank all the artists."

"Charles Kelley was in there, his wife, Cassie... I'm drawing a blank but it was such a fun video to do, and it was certainly shot before, obviously, we all went into quarantine, so it kind of gives us a glimpse of life and having fun before we all had to deal with this pandemic together," Bryan continued. Along with Kelley and his wife, the video also featured Caylee Hammack, Jon Langston and members of Old Dominion.

"The bottom line is that the song was fun, the video turned out to be so much fun," Bryan continued, thanking the video's director, Michael Monaco, "and all of his team. Thank you country music fans and certainly thank CMT and certainly thank my record label, Capitol Universal and all my creative people, Joanna Carter," he said. "Love everybody! What an honor. To have another CMT Music Award is so special for me. Love y'all. Stay safe."

Speaking to Seth Meyers on Late Night With Seth Meyers in August, Bryan revealed that his mom almost didn't make the shoot. "My mom calls me that morning," he recalled. "She's like, 'Oh, I'm under the weather, I'm tired, I don't wanna come down here and do the video, I'm tired.'"

"She shows up and when the lights, camera, action — when the cameras roll — she's dancing on barstools, table tops, getting on people's shoulders," he said. "She knows how to turn on the charm."