Luke Bryan Launches Record Label, Signs Jon Langston

Luke Bryan just launched his own record label, signing singer-songwriter Jon Langston as his first act. The label, 32 Bridge Entertainment, is in partnership with UMG Nashville, where Bryan is currently signed.

"The ability to start a record label through my record label is such a dream come true for me, and it allows me to see these kids and just sign 'em," Bryan says. "If you love 'em, sign 'em. Trust your heart and sign 'em. And Jon Langston kind of came to town through [songwriter] Rhett Akins; Jon lived with Rhett, and I've been watching Jon and I've been hearing about Jon and about his following down in Georgia. It's very similar to what I had going on."

Bryan initially discovered Langston by accident, but quickly formulated a plan when he saw – and heard – the talent Langston possesses.

"I woke up one day and he put a song out and it was No. 1 on iTunes for five days, and this kid was unsigned," Bryan recalls. "He came out on Farm Tour [in 2016] and just gave a ton of energy, did a great show. I just looked him in the eye and said, 'I don't know how I'm gonna make this happen, but quit worrying about getting a record deal. We're gonna make sure you get a record deal and we're gonna make stuff happen.' I didn't have anything planned.

(Photo: Photo courtesy of UMG Nashville)

"You know, sometimes you have to do some things and not be worried to fail, and he's in it for the right reasons," Bryan continues. "He loves making music. He loves the fans. He's out there working his tail off, and he's growing every day. Every day, he gets better and better. It's just really, really fun to see somebody going about it in all the right ways, and if I can't put my name on the line for Jon Langston – it felt like something I had to do, and it's so fun."

The news about the record label comes as Bryan officially opened his Luke's 32 Bridge Food + Drink restaurant, in the heart of downtown Nashville.

"I never will forget moving to Nashville," Bryan previously shared with "And the first few things you do, is you go to the Grand Ole Opry, you go to the Ryman, you go to Music Row, you go to Broadway. And you see the famous honky tonks that you've read about for years.

"A couple of months into town, I played a couple acoustic shows at Tootsies, and The Stage, and I remember just how fun it was just sitting on the stage having tourists walk in and listen to you play a few songs," he continued. "And then you get a publishing deal, a record deal and all that. Next thing you know you're able to turn everything into this."


Langston will once again join Bryan on his Farm Tour, which kicks off on Sept. 27 in Irwin, Ohio.

Photo Credit: Getty images/Scott Dudelson