Luke Bryan Praises His Wife Caroline for Hilarious Halloween Prank

Luke Bryan and his wife, Caroline Bryan, are known for doing pranks on each other throughout the year, with Caroline pulling an especially good one on her superstar husband for Halloween. Bryan recently boasted about his wife's ability to scare him, especially at a time when he wasn't expecting to be frightened.

"So my wife bought those little things where the witch taps on the glass," Bryan recalled to and other media. "So I'm at the house late. I get home off the road. It's like 12:15 at night and I'm brushing my teeth, and I hear something going and this witch, you stick it to the outside of your glass. I look up and there is a witch tapping. So that's what my wife does to me during Halloween."

Caroline also determines what everyone will wear for Halloween, although Bryan will have to leave this year's celebration early due to his busy schedule.

"Caroline picks the outfit every year," Bryan noted. "I have no choice. I heard that it was feathery this year. I'm doing makeup shows for the Farm Tour. I'm going to fly in, do Halloween and then I've got to go do Idol so I'm going to fly out late Halloween night and go to Idol.

"But we have a perfect neighborhood for it," he continued. "We do a big picnic a couple of hours before dark. All the parents get around and the kids can tear the neighborhood down so it's pretty special. It's a fun dynamic. I mean, yeah it's a fun dynamic for us, and we have a big time with it."

Caroline already celebrated the holiday with three of her girlfriends, showing off their epic Golden Girls costumes on social media.

Bryan just wrapped up his Sunset Repeat Tour, which was capped off with finding out he had more certified digital singles than any other artist in history.

"This year on the road has been one of the best of my career," Bryan reflected on social media, sharing a video of the final night of the tour, which included Cole Swindell and Jon Langston. "Having three of my closest friends join me on stage each night will be hard to beat. I am so proud of them and the careers they continue to build. When they surprised me onstage Friday night with that plaque I was blown away. My fans continue to make this journey more than I could ever imagine. I am so thankful."

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Bryan just dropped "What She Wants Tonight" from his next album. Download the song on iTunes.

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