Luke Bryan's Mom Leading Hurricane Michael Rebuild in Florida Town

When Hurricane Michael struck the Florida panhandle in October, one of the towns that saw the most devastation was Mexico Beach. The beach community is home to Luke Bryan's mother, LeClaire Bryan, and her home was severely damaged by the storm, as were many of the buildings around her.

Speaking to Taste of Country, Bryan revealed that his mom has since become one of the leaders in her community when it comes to the tough task of rebuilding after the hurricane tore through Mexico Beach.

"Every day I call her and it sounds like she's the foreman of a construction site down there," he said, noting that LeClaire has done what she can to make the best of a bad situation. "She's been and gone through a lot, and this is frustrating that here in her '70s she loses her house."

LeClaire is currently living in a temporary trailer, and Bryan shared that while he hasn't yet been able to visit his mom since the storm, he plans to help LeClaire replace any possessions she might need.

After the storm, LeClaire shared a video to Facebook in which she praised her community for its strength.

"We just want to thank you, thank everybody, for all of their prayers and concerns," she said as she stood outside of what looked to be a tent full of supplies. "This community has come together like you could not imagine. We are a family. We are rebuilding. We love you. We know you're thinking about us, and praying for us. Love Mexico Beach. It's all hard, but we're gonna survive. Thank you all, so kindly. We love you all. Keep praying, and we are gonna be strong. Mexico Beach strong."

Bryan also posted his mom's video on his Instagram page, writing, "Thank you so much for all the outpouring of concern for my mama over the past couple of weeks. She and her friends are sticking together and helping each other in their communities during this devastating time. Many continued prayers for those along the gulf coast and South Georgia. Love y’all."

Nine days after the storm hit, LeClaire returned home for the first time, discovering that her home had been severely damaged by the powerful hurricane.

(Photo: Getty / Scott Olson)

She had attempted to protect her home by boarding the windows, but the storm made its way through, tearing objects off the walls and swirling debris through the house, some of which included a frame of Bryan's first No. 1 song, 2009's "Rain Is a Good Thing," that lay shattered on the ground.

Photo Credit: Getty / Scott Olson