Listen to New Cole Swindell Song, 'Reason to Drink'

Cole Swindell has just released a new song,'Reason to Drink,' which might be the summer anthem [...]

Cole Swindell has just released a new song,"Reason to Drink," which might be the summer anthem we've been waiting for. The song is from Swindell's upcoming All of It album, out August 17.

"I get anxious when you get the album ready," Swindell tells of his upcoming third studio record. "You want everybody to hear it, and now, being able to have the release date, the title; we're releasing new songs every couple of weeks, just up until the album release. It's an exciting time. Any time you're putting out new music, it's hard to not be fired up about it."

"Break Up in the End" is Swindell's current single, and one that showed a different side of Swindell, as an artist and a person.

"That song, the first time I heard it, it just crushed me," Swindell reveals. "I knew that anybody who'd ever lived through that or been through that, I think it does the same to them. Even though I didn't write the song, it felt like something I wish I would have written, something I can relate to. If I can relate to it, I've learned it's something country fans can relate to, because I'm just like them.

"I wanted to set a tone that said, 'Look, this is my third album," continues Swindell. "These are the kind of songs that I'm gonna have for the rest of my career, but I'm also going to have the fun stuff too. 'Break Up in the End,' it's amazing that I got to record a song like that. Those are the kind of songs that I originally fell in love with country music."

The Georgia native, who hints that he will announce his fall tour plans soon, headlined his first major tour this year, with his Reason to Drink Tour, where he was fortunate enough to be joined by two of his favorite acts.

"I've been on some great tours, and wouldn't have a headlining tour without all those acts who were nice enough and believed in me enough to take me out," Swindell notes. "But having Lauren Alaina and Chris Janson on the bill – I couldn't have dreamed up a better first tour. It's hard to get acts out there because there's so many big artists with tours. It was amazing. It's an accomplishment. We've opened for people who are huge stars. I want to be where they are someday, and I think that was the first step for us getting there."

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Photo Credit: Instagram/coleswindell