Lee Brice Announces New Album, 'Hey World'

Lee Brice has officially announced his next album, sharing that he will release Hey World on Nov. 20. The album is named after a song that Brice released earlier this year and is the singer's fifth studio album. Lead single "One of Them Girls" is currently at No. 4 on the Billboard Country Airplay chart.

"Hey World, do you think it's time I release a new album??" Brice wrote on social media this week announcing the new project and sharing the album cover. "My new album #HeyWorld releases 11.20.20, and you can pre-save/add/order it FRIDAY." He also wrote that on Sept. 11, a new version of "Hey World" would be released featuring former The Voice contestant Blessing Offor, sharing, "Can't wait for y'all to finally hear this new music!"

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Brice's last album was his 2017 self-titled project that featured the No. 1 single "Rumor" and the Top 20 song "Boy." Brice released "Hey World" in May and told PopCulture.com that he "felt like people should hear it." "It was really just a song that I wanted to put out there, no matter what happened to it," he explained.

The 41-year-old wrote the song with Dallas Davidson and Adam Wood and shared that Davidson came up with the line "Hey world, leave me alone, I don't wanna turn the TV on" after he had been watching the news and his 4-year-old son asked him to turn the TV off because it was scaring him.

"It was the news at the time, and the news was like 'x-amount of deaths' and 'new cases,'" Brice explained. "[Davidson] goes, 'Wow, I guess that it's scary for an adult, much less a four-year-old.' And so it just kinda put him in a different perspective." After hearing the line, Brice recalled telling Davidson, "You know what, we gotta write that. And we have to write it, and we don't need to try to cookie coat it, sugar coat it."


Brice explained that when people are feeling down, some want to hear something upbeat and others want to dive into that emotion, and he shared that he "fought all day to just go, 'You know, guys, we just need to make this song what it is, we don't need to try to give it some huge happy ending, or some twist or something. It just is what it is.'"

See the full tracklisting for Hey World below:

  1. "Atta Boy"
  2. "One Of Them Girls"
  3. "More Beer"
  4. "Memory I Don't Mess With"
  5. "Save The Roses"
  6. "Good Ol' Boys"
  7. "Don't Need No Reason"
  8. "Do Not Disturb"
  9. "Soul"
  10. "Sons and Daughters"
  11. "Country Knows"
  12. "Lies"
  13. "If You"
  14. "I Hope You're Happy Now"
  15. "Hey World (featuring Blessing Offor)"