Lady Antebellum's Charles Kelley Calls 'Crazy Love' a 'Little Love Letter' to His Wife, Cassie

Lady Antebellum's Charles Kelley admits he isn't always easy to be with. The Georgia native wrote "Crazy Love," from the trio's latest Ocean album, with hit songwriter Nathan Chapman as a way to convey to his wife, Cassie, how grateful he is to her for loving him, even when he admits he isn't always very lovable.

"I'm tough to handle at times," Kelley said via his record label. "I can be as fun as anybody can be and then I can be as dark and reclusive as anybody can be and push people away when I’m at my worst. And she puts up with a lot. Same thing with Dave and Hillary.

"That one to me is, I don't know, I like to think that it's kind of my little love letter to my wife," he continued. "Thanks for sticking by me and thank God for crazy love, cause you got to be crazy as hell to be with me."

"Crazy Love" isn't the only song where Kelley is brutally honest about his personal life. He also penned "Be Patient With My Love," during a particularly dark season in his life, when he admits he was drinking too much, which was impacting everyone around him, including his bandmates.

"My dad, he said he cried because he's been praying for me he said for the longest time to kind of find God again and really get that connection," Kelley told and other media. "It means a lot to him and I hope that maybe even some fans hear that, because I was very stubborn with that concept a lot. I know for a fact it's made me feel that even more. But also the support from Dave, Hillary, when it was kind of like 'Hey man, you need to get this s–– in check.'

"At the time it was, it pissed me off," he admitted. "I look back and I'm like, if they had not done that, who was going to do it, you know? Because my wife could tell me all she wanted to but until you've got your bandmates [speaking up], you're like, 'Oh s––, I've got, I've got to control this.' There's a lot of that on this record I think."


Lady Antebellum just celebrated a No. 1 hit with "What If I Never Get Over You," from Ocean. They are back at radio with "What I'm Leaving For." Download or stream the album at

Photo Credit: Getty / Rick Diamond