Kip Moore Promises to Disappear Again in 2019

Kip Moore is planning on disappearing for part of this year, but he promises it won't be [...]

Kip Moore is planning on disappearing for part of this year, but he promises it won't be permanent. The singer-songwriter has a habit of taking the first part of every year off to focus on himself, and says 2019 will be no exception.

"I'm definitely going to disappear again. It's something that I'll probably do for the rest of my career is disappear during the winter. I've got to get that surfing in and I've got to hit that recharge button. As cliché as that sounds, it truly wipes you out all of your mind, body, spirit, everything.

"I wouldn't trade it for the world and I love doing it, but it takes a toll in so many ways mentally on you," he continued. "So, when I get to get out and surf, it definitely brings me back to center and gets me ready to go again."

Moore's latest single, "Last Shot," is currently in the Top 5 and climbing. The song, and accompanying video, has an important message Moore wanted to share with his fans.

"My dad died of brain cancer so it was one of those things. I still have those regrets of not going to see him that one last time," Moore shared with "We both got to talking about that and how could we make this be a more powerful thing than what you typically thought was going to come in that video."

Moore co-wrote "Last Shot" with David Lee Murphy and Dan Couch, pouring his heart and soul into lines like "If you were my last breath, I'd just wanna hold ya / If you were my last night I ever had on wheels, I woulda drive you like I stole ya."

"I try to go by that every day," Moore explained. "I can't jump out of planes every single day but I try to, when I have a burning desire to do something, I try to go do it and seize the moment. Even before I was doing this and I made no money, I'd save up every bit that I could and eat Ramen noodles for two months and then I'd go take a trip somewhere. To me, it's always been about that, so seeing as many cultures as I could and soaking all that stuff in."

Moore will launch his acoustic Room to Spare Tour on March 7. Find dates at

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Photo Credit: Getty images/Terry Wyatt