Kenny Rogers: Bobby Bones Shares Their First Interview Together, Reveals Off-the-Air Friendship That Followed

Country radio host Bobby Bones shared an important moment from his career on Saturday as part of a [...]

Country radio host Bobby Bones shared an important moment from his career on Saturday as part of a tribute to the late county music legend Kenny Rogers. Bones posted a video from his first interview with Rogers from 2013 and noted the two had a friendly relationship off the air. Bones also shared a picture with Rogers on his Instagram page.

"I was lucky enough to meet and then later befriend Kenny Rogers," Bones wrote on Instagram. "Always fun to meet someone you idolize, but even more wonderful when they are extremely kind to you as well. On Monday's show, I'm going to play the first time I got to interview Kenny. It's almost a half-hour long. And it's an amazing listen."

On Twitter, Bones shared a video that includes 14 minutes from that interview. "This was many years ago. The first time we met. On the radio show. For years after that, we maintained a friendly relationship off the air too," the Dancing With The Stars champion wrote.

In that interview with Bones, Rogers recalled his relationship with Dolly Parton and his friendships with Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley. While Rogers and Parton did not really talk every year, they created magic whenever they were together. Rogers said he often got faxes from Parton and he would have to remind her that no one uses fax machines anymore.

"I've always been in love with Dolly, in a very safe place," Rogers said. "It's hard to really know her and not love her because she's the most unpretentious person I've ever met. I've said it before - and I'm not sure she likes it when I say this - she has no filter. If it goes through her mind, it comes out her mouth. She can say things to people no one else can and somehow it's a compliment."

The mutual respect between Rogers and Parton was evident even on Saturday when Parton shared an emotional video paying tribute to her "Islands In The Stream" collaborator.

"I loved Kenny with all my heart," Partin said in a video as she held a photo of herself with Rogers. "My heart's broken and a big 'ol chunk of it has gone with him today," she continued. "And I think that I can speak for all his family, his friends, and fans when I say that I will always love you."

"Just happened to have this picture when I walked out this morning of us," Parton added through tears. "And I walked out and said, 'Well, maybe I'll hold that up to everybody.' So, I know you're sad as I am. God bless you, Kenny. Fly high straight to the arms of God. And to the rest of you, keep the faith."

Rogers died late Friday night in hospice care, his family said. The singer was 81. His family is planning a public memorial, which will be held at a later date.

Photo credit: Erika Goldring/FilmMagic/Getty Images