Kelsea Ballerini Gives a Major Update on Her Third Studio Album

Kelsea Ballerini has given a major update on her forthcoming third studio album. The 25-year-old just enjoyed a vacation with her husband, Morgan Evans, in Greece, where she also did a little bit of work so she can finish her next set of tunes.

"The face of a girl that has been listening to mixes this whole vacation and is very, very excited to finish this music when I get home," Ballerini posted on social media, along with a photo of the singer holding a glass of wine while out on the water.

Ballerini and Evans shared plenty of beautiful photos of their time away, but not everything went according to plan. The "Miss Me More" singer revealed she was stricken with food poisoning while overseas, although she was grateful to have Evans take such good care of her.

"Welp. I spent the better part of our time in Santorini with a wicked case of food poisoning," Ballerini shared on Instagram. "Lucky for me I have the sweetest man who kept me stocked up on Powerade and the view from our room was still the prettiest sunset I had ever seen. Here's a realgram for ya because I'm starting to be able to laugh about it."

(Photo: Instagram/kelseaballerini)

The Grand Ole Opry member hasn't divulged too many details of her next project, but she does reveal that she has worked with some of country music's biggest songwriters to pen all of the tracks.

"It's been so much fun to get in the room with people that I've looked up to forever, like Ryan Tedder and Julia Michaels, and Ed Sheeran," Ballerini told and other media. "It's really fun to be able to write with other artists too. I haven't really done that before and so you're in the room and they have the perspective of what it's going to be like on stage, and how you're going to be able to communicate it in interviews, and all that stuff.

"They have that knowledge, so it's a different perspective writing with them," she continued. "But it's been really fun and just different. I feel like I've grown a lot as a songwriter from that."


Photo Credit: Getty / Astrid Stawiarz