Keith Urban Wants to 'Change Your Mind' With New Song

Keith Urban has dropped another new song from his upcoming album The Speed of Now Part 1, releasing the "What-if"-driven "Change Your Mind." The song sees Urban describing how much a former lover has changed since leaving him, wondering whether he might be able to change her mind about him if he were to change as well.

"You changed your world / You changed your hair and the clothes you wear and your pillow side," Urban sings in the chorus. "You changed your number and got some friends that I don't recognize / But I wonder sometimes / Is it too late to try / If I changed, would you change your mind?"

The song was written by Matthew Bair and Fransisca Hall and is one of multiple tracks Urban has already shared from his album, which will be released on Sept. 18. The Australian star has previously released "God Whispered Your Name," "Polaroid" and "Superman," and the album also includes two versions of Urban's 2019 single "We Were," which was written by Eric Church — one version with Church and one without.

Earlier this week, Urban revealed the album's cover and track listing, though he left out the names of three collaborators who appear on two different songs. The first song on the album, "Out the Cage," features two guests, while the second song, "One Too Many," has one additional artist. Urban first announced his new album in May, sharing a video of himself working in his home studio and spending time at home.


"In October 2019, this title came to me," said Urban, whose most recent album was 2018's Graffiti U. "I liked it because I felt like life was flying by so fast, faster and faster all the time. But music has always been the place where it slows down and doesn’t even exist. I would never have imagined that, in 2020, this album title would take on a whole new meaning and yet somehow still feel so incredibly relevant." See the full tracklisting for The Speed of Now Part 1 below.

1. "Out the Cage"
2. "One Too Many"
3. "Live With"
4. "Superman"
5. "Change Your Mind"
6. "Forever"
7. "Say Something"
8. "Soul Food"
9. "Ain't it Like a Woman"
10. "With You"
11. "Tumbleweed"
12. "God Whispered Your Name"
13. "Polaroid"
14. "Better Than I Am"
15. "We Were"
16. "We Were (Ft. Eric Church)"