Keith Urban Shares Video of Recording 'We Were' With Eric Church

Keith Urban is taking fans behind the scenes of the recording of his latest single, 'We Were,' [...]

Keith Urban is taking fans behind the scenes of the recording of his latest single, "We Were," with Eric Church. Urban shared the video on social media, which shows both men singing in a studio, lit by Christmas lights.

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Urban recently opened up about "We Were," which was co-written by Church.

"Eric is a writer on the song, and which I didn't know when I cut the song," Urban shared with and other media. "It's unusual for me to not know that, but I got sent the song, and he wasn't singing the demo. And I just loved the song so much that I learned it by ear. I didn't get a lyric sheet or anything, and I knew it. I just knew it, knew it. And went in and recorded it and worked out.

"And then the next thing I know we're doing label copy for all the credits and everything," he continued. "And so I said, 'Oh, I guess they should send me the lyrics to make sure I sang all the right ones.' And when they sent it, that's the first time I saw the three writers' names. And I saw a Church up there, and I'm like, 'No way. No way!' So I texted Eric, and we've worked together before on 'Raise 'Em Up.' And I thought, 'Man I would really love to hear him sing that song, because in my head I could hear it."

Church was thrilled that Urban decided to cut the song, especially since Urban was unaware Church wrote it.

"That was the coolest thing for me," Church stated. "I didn't send Keith the song and say, 'Here's a song I wrote.' He found it, and honestly, it fits him more than it fits me. There's a line in there about 'two heartbeats in the moonlight in leather jackets on a back of a Harley.' I don't ride a Harley. That's a line, call it poetic license. That's where it came from.

"He and Nicole [Kidman] used to do that when they first started dating, and they were touring," he added. They would jump on his Harley and they would put on their leather jackets and they'd go ride up in the countryside before the show. I did not know that until after he cut that song. I truly believe songs find the path that they're supposed to find, and that one was supposed to be with him."

Church and Urban are both nominated for a CMA Award for Entertainer of the Year. The show will air on Wednesday night, Nov. 13, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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