Keith Urban Announces Release of New Single, 'We Were'

Keith Urban has big news! The singer-songwriter just announced he will release a brand-new single, 'We Were," on Tuesday. Urban shared the update on social media, showing a video with part of the lyrics to his upcoming tune.

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#WeWere • 5.14.19

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"Never thought we'd fade like the stamp on the back of her hand," Urban teased.

The 51-year-old previously performed the song at Country Radio Seminar (CRS) earlier this year, when he took the stage at the Ryman to sing an acoustic version of "Well We Were."

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Love a fresh @keithurban song at the Ryman! #wewere #keithurban

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Urban has been dropping hints new music for a while. In February, on the same day he debuted "Well We Were," he posted of photo of himself in the studio, captioning the picture simply, "New music .....?!!!!!!!!! - KU." In March, Urban wrapped up his massive Graffiti U World Tour and revealed he was back in the studio.

"I'm working on new music right now," Urban said after playing his final show. "[I'm] planning my next trip over here ASAP."

More recently, Urban just posted a photo of him singing into a microphone, saying, "Nuuuuuuuuuu music comin - KU."

Urban is the reigning CMA and ACM Entertainer of the Year, an unexpected acknowledgement that his fans will follow him, regardless of the musical journey he takes them on.

"I guess what it is is the support I get for going on these creative adventures I go on," Urban shared with and other media, explaining why he is so thankful for the career accolades. "I feel pulled to particular music when I'm creating, and I don't know where it goes sometimes, but I just wander along and float, and see where it goes. Sometimes it wanders off to a place I haven't been before, and I don't expect that people will support it necessarily.

"So when it happens like that, and I get to make a record like Graffiti U, or particularly Ripcord, those two records, and they get supported the way they have, it's an incredible feeling, for any artist."

No word yet when new music will be released. Urban's Graffiti U Tour might be over, but he is still playing plenty of fairs and festivals over the summer. Find dates at


Photo Credit: Getty images/ Rob Ball